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The Course From Hope Valley To Win Hill

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Distance - 20 miles 30km
Time: 3 - 4 hrs


This is a great day out, it's pretty tough but the views are great.There is a rough, fairly steep climb up from the Edale Valley to get over to the Ashop Valley, but the rest of the route is quite easy going.


The trail begins in Hope village and head up the Edale road as far as the bridle track just past Clough Farm (GR 145864), a distance of approximately 6 kilometres. Turn right up this, which takes you behind the farm, and continue along the track which heads steadily up the hillside.

The track climbs to a shoulder and then descends to cross Jaggers Clough (GR 154873), a deep-cut stream coming off the eastern flank of Kinder Scout. Continue along this track, a steep climb up from the river, passing below Crookstone Barn, to meet the old Roman Road which comes from Hope over to the Ashop Valley at GR 160876. Hope Cross is about 200 metres down the Roman Road towards Hope Village.

It is possible to cycle directly to this point up the Roman Road, which leaves the Edale Road at the point where that road crosses the River Noe, about 1.5 km from the centre of Hope Village. However this is fairly rough and mostly harder cycling than the route described.

Take a left and cycle down the Roman Road towards Ashop. It is fairly uneven and some care is needed. Follow the road down almost to the Ashop River, then just at the point where the track improves, a tarmac track comes in from the right. Turn right down this to a bridge across the River Ashop and the A57 road at GR 152892.

Cycle down the road towards Ladybower for a little over a kilometre until just past Hagg Farm. Then a track leads off right down through the woods to re-cross the river. Follow the track down near the edge of the woods to meet a driveable track which crosses by another bridge at the head of the reservoir.

Follow this track around the southern edge of Ladybower, which is a very pleasant ride with good views most of the way. Eventually you arrive at Ladybower Dam GR 197854.

Continue a short distance past the dam and then turn off right along the track of the former narrow-gauge railway which was built to bring materials during the construction of the Derwent Dams. This crosses the minor road below Thornhill at GR 198838 and continues down towards the River Noe and the A6187 road to a T-junction at GR202830.

You should turn left and cycle along the good track which crosses the River Derwent and emerges on the A6013 not far north of Bamford Station. Turn right onto this main road and just after the station cut off right to take the shortcut down to the A6187 road (formerly the A625). Turn right again and then left after 200 metres down a small lane signposted to Shatton at GR203826.

Go up the Shatton road and take the first turn right, which goes over a ford and then along a track which emerges at Brough. From here it is a short ride back to Hope along the A6187, or you could go into Bradwell and then along the minor road past Eccles House to return to Hope.

Enjoy the course, we think it's one of the best.