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The end of Mable's Tale

I am devastated to say that on 28th July 2011 Mable, my reason for being, passed away after a decline in her condition over her last days. Whilst being totally bereft at her death, it was in part expected as she had been slowing for some time and her beloved Peak District walks had needed to be designed for her ease and curtailed when she struggled.
More short walks were needed and we made good use of her favourite river stops at Grindleford, Froggatt and Calver – places where she could cool off in the shallow waters chasing her treasured sticks and stones.
Having lived in the Peak District for the best part of her life – truly the best part – she loved this place as much as I do. She relished her role during the week as chief reception committee for Peak District Online in Great Hucklow; she loved her lunch break walks with her collie colleague Bex and especially enjoyed the office banter, often joining in if she felt she could contribute, whilst lounging on her bed and blanket. 
Her shortened life was a good one as she spent as much time as was possible outdoors, walking and exploring the glories of the Peak District or helping me dig at the allotment in Stoney Middleton. She was loved by all who knew her and recognised by all who met her – I have never been and individual in my own right whilst I have had her – I am the lady with the white boxer or Mable’s Mum, and I am so proud to have been so.
It is difficult to write this page as it marks the end of recounting the walks we both enjoyed together. But I do hope, that having tried to capture some of the lovely trails there are to take around this fabulous area, with your faithful hound, you will be inspired to bring yours, or take loan of a friends, and let them enjoy the walks,  the sites, the smells and the magnificence that is the Peak District National Park.
Mable’s Tales are still many. Not all of them walk related and I will be telling them for a long time to come to anyone with an ear to listen, but I will not be able to write any more about her Peak District adventures and walks - her muddy feet and love of the rivers and streams.  I have enjoyed writing about her favourites, but there are so many Peak District walks still to enjoy, so when you get here, make sure you get out and see what you can find.