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The Lark – Not – Ascending, in Monsaldale and Eyam

Blog Posted on 31 Mar 2011

I don’t know about you but I think this Spring Forward Clock malarkey is just a thing to mess with our heads. It’s a conspiracy. Every year it catches me out. I ALWAYS forget to change one of the clocks in the house (I have to change the manual ones and my hubster – I never call him that but I have been forbidden to mention him in my blogs, he’s very shy you know, so he’ll have to put up with being called that –he does the digital ones as I always do it wrong I’m ashamed to admit but I do)
This year was no exception. I got up with the lark this Sunday – as in I didn’t sleep much and got up get up early – NOT that I went to bed with a bird and got up with one – I’m not of that persuasion. Where was I ?  Oh yes, I always wake up in the early hours and have to get up. I just can’t seem to have a lie in. It’s just not in my DNA.
I wish it was and then I wouldn’t fall asleep at 9 O’clock every night (very embarrassing if I’m out with friends and I’ve nodded off in the corner ) The Hubster (I like that – he’s going to be called that from now on – even though I’m not meant to mention him but that’s not strictly mentioning him is it?)  now he’s a different kettle of fish. He can sleep for England. This Sunday was no different. I’d got up at 5am, let the cat out, taken the dog out for a quick, you know what, grabbed a cuppa and hot footed it upstairs to have the PC to myself  it’s the only time I get to have any free time on it – my 12 year old boy seems to want to be glued to it the rest of the time) I’m updating my website and it was heaven to just have some time to myself for a few hours.
Well I’d been beavering away for ages and then looked at the clock on the computer.  8.30am  Gosh how the time had flown?  8.30 that was surely time to tip the Hubster out of bed as my stomach was growling and I wanted breakfast (he makes a mean scrambled eggs). I went banging into our bedroom with the dog scrabbling at my heels – she likes to jump on the Hubster and lick his face and he absolutely hates this and she’s not supposed to be on the bed anyway so I was already in trouble. I wanged the curtains open –we have stunning views towards Holymoorside and Beeley in the front bedroom and over to Chesterfield from the back. It was a glorious day I was shouting . He should be up - we should go for a walk didn’t he think? He groaned and pointed to the clock. It said 7.30am. I said but it’s not 7.30 is it silly it’s 8.30 and we need to put the clocks forward so it’s actually 9.30 so GET OUT OF BED.
Well we’d had a bit of a tiff the previous night about whether they went forward or back and I won. I said forward, but I then thought he must have put them back to be spiteful? So we had another tiff and I stomped downstairs in a huff and banged crockery around so he’d HAVE to get up.  
Then I put the telly on in the kitchen and it said 8.30. Oh. Computers  automatically change themselves don’t they? So it really was 8.30 - but only like 7.30 if they hadn’t changed them in the first place.

See they mess with our heads………and it doesn’t take much to mess up my head.  Our lovely planned walk to Eyam and Monsaldale never happened and I ended up grovelling most of the day to a very grumpy man (my hubster - not some other random bloke living at my house).
This blog was brought to you by Helen Clark, the artist at Caudwell’s Mill, who hasn’t been an artist for several weeks due to moving Galleries and having her head in her computer / bookwork all day, every day. I PROMISE next week will have some new paintings featured in my blog, as I must paint soon or I’ll pop  (and Rosie the cat is still sat staring at me with her over large head so I need to rectify this situation as soon as possible. I have notified her parents of her stardom at Peak District Online -  she has been mentioned in my last 2 blogs and she now has queues of people waiting for her autograph apparently-  and I don’t want to keep her or them, waiting any longer.
The Paintings this week are all about birds – sadly no larks but at least they are all of the feathered variety………





Type Of Art: Painting
Location: Rowsley

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