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Thom Walker Photographer

Blog Posted on 16 Jan 2012

I have always lived in Derbyshire but only recently discovered the peak district and now visit the area once or twice a week, I have lived and worked in the french and austria alps and never truly exploring my local landscapes, I always felt a bit under underwhelmed by england but when i started to take my photography more serious and visit more and more places It became very clear to me that i was very lucky to live within driving distracts to a special part of the country.

I have tried out many different trypes of photography but I have always be draw towards the landscape side and would be very proud to be classed as a landscape photographer. I am attracted to the slow pace of using tripods and filters and really contemplating my composer. now at the age of 21 photography is very important to me not only because i would like to make a living from my hobby but more important than anything is to progress as a photographer and produce photographs that I am happy with.

I have my work displayed in some local galleries and sell photographic greetings cards, more detail about me and my products please click here




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