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Thors Cave

Blog Posted on 20 Jun 2012

Thors Cave is an impressive limestone cave situated near the top of a cliff in the Manifold Valley near the village of Wetton.
A little bit more about the cave taken from Wikipedia:

It is classified as a Karst cave. Located in a steep limestone crag, the cave entrance, a symmetrical arch 7.5 metres wide and 10 metres high, is prominently visible from the valley bottom, around 80 metres (260 feet) below.

Reached by an easy stepped path from the Manifold Way, the cave is a popular tourist spot, affording excellent views over the Manifold Valley.

•    Thor's Cave was served by a railway station on the Leek and Manifold Valley Light Railway from 1904 to 1934; the disused line now forms the Manifold Way.

I have to admit until a week or so ago I hadn’t visited this location, I can’t even tell you why – it had always been at the back of my mind but I kept putting it off.
I set off a little earlier than usual for a sunset to give me chance to explore, I walked along the Manifold way and up into the cave. The cave is definitely much more impressive from the valley below where it looms and towers imposingly. The cave is good to go in and the views in it are fantastic but I have to admit I wasn’t as impressed with the interior – been in bigger!
However, not to worry as I was there to get a picture of the exterior.  I returned to my car not quite sure where I was going to shoot from. You can either park in Wetton and face a walk down the single track road to get a good viewpoint or a walk from the bottom up the road to get a good viewpoint. I drove up and down the road that day a total of 5 times looking for the perfect viewpoint, hoping each time I didn’t come across another car coming the other way! In the end I settled on where I first parked at the bottom and took a walk about half way up the hill. I came across a lot of sheep grazing in a field with the cave in the background beyond,
It wasn’t exactly as I had visioned but I couldn’t find a more suitable location, I set up in the final minutes before the sun disappeared behind a nearby hill, waited for these two spring lambs to get into a good position and do something purposeful and grabbed a shot as the last light struck the cave.

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