A Short Walk From Tissington

A Short Walk from Tissington

Many people arriving in Tissington either head for the Tissington Trail to zoom along the former railway on their bikes, en-route to other villages, or are content to stay within the bounds of the village itself.  There is no reason why they shouldn’t – it is a delightful and interesting place to visit at any time of year, with its imposing hall, attractive wells, Norman church and pretty mere, not to mention the lovely, rolling countryside surrounding it.

If you would like to experience a little more countryside, then why not take this short walk, lasting no longer than an hour, to give you a taster of what the region has to offer?

At busy times, such as the Well Dressings week, you may find it easier to park in the “pay and display” car park by the Trail, just off Darfield Lane; however, out of season it is possible to park along the road which passes the Hall.

Making the parish church of  St Mary your starting point, walk along the road towards the rambling Jacobean hall and continue to the end of the village.  You will discover the tiny “Acanthus” gift shop bursting with both elegant and rustic crafts as you near the last dwellings, so you may want to ensure you have a large back-pack with you in which to carry probable purchases… However, once clear of the temptations, continue along the road until you reach a sharp, left-handed bend. 

At this point, a footpath leads off to the right diagonally over fields, but there is also a track on the right.  Take this and keep going straight; when the track ends, keep the wall on the left as you cross fields until you reach the last field before the Tissington Trail.  The stile is just under quarter of the way along the field and takes you directly onto the trail.  At this point, you could extend your walk a further mile and a half by crossing over into fields the other side and heading down the valley and up to the neighbouring village of Parwich where a warm welcome and a good pint awaits you at The Sycamore Inn.  However, should you be happy with this shorter stroll, then turn right along the trail and follow it for a further ¾ mile, admiring the rolling limestone scenery and imagining what a wonderfully scenic train journey this must have been. 

When you reach the intersection with the Limestone Way, turn right onto it and you will find yourself on a very quiet lane.  After a quarter of a mile it joins Chapel Lane and a left turn here will find you almost back in the village.  The Limestone Way takes you over a field back to the church, but if you stay on the road, you can admire the attractive stone estate houses on the way and also pass by the pond to say hello to the ducks.  Having completed your circuit, refreshments are available at The Old Coach House Tea Rooms, opposite the church.