A Short Walk – Peak District Walks

Here is a walk that is shorter than others I have done recently, and is therefore more suitable for older ones and families with younger children. The walk is about 3 miles and the estimated time is about two and a half hours, but this depends on the walkers. The walk begins at Hooks Carr car park, not far outside of Hathersage. This area can get quite busy, as it is a popular site for rock climbing and bouldering, as well as for walkers. The route is a small circular up to Stanedge Edge, along the top, and then back down towards the car park.



There are several paths leading upto the Edge, and any can be taken. All the paths are fairly wide and easy terrain, but become a bit steep towards the top. Ever so often you can turn around and admire some great views over the Hope Valley. Upon reaching the top, the views get even better, and large areas of purple heather can be seen, but this depends on the time of year. The best time to see it would be August, when it is in full bloom. The top of the edge is very flat, and is also very easy to navigate. If you look towards your right, you can observe acres of moorland, and in the distance, Stanedge Pole. A short distance past this moorland is the outskirts of the city of Sheffield.



After a while, we came off the Edge, and descended towards some woods. Here we passed bunches of fern, and in the distance, more heather. The path then flattened off, crossing a river and headed through some woods. After going though a gate, the path turns into soft grass, which is very comfortable to walk on, especially for older ones and young children. The path then joins a small road. Here there are some public toilets, and a mobile cafe called Beanabout nearby, for some refreshments. The route, though, continues up the road, eventually reaching the Hooks Carr car park. Alternatively, you can make the walk longer by walking into the village of Hathersage.