Activities in and Around Castleton

Castleton has an amazing array of lots of things to do and see and it can be a very overwhelming choice if your stay is a short one. There are lots of numerous outdoor pursuits which should be taken advantage of if you can fit it in.

Hang gliding and paragliding

The shape of the Mam Tor and nearby Lord’s Seat and Rushup’s Edge, seem to attract winds at all times, which has made this area a very popular local centre for extreme sports enthusiasts, hang gliding and paragliding.


One of the main reasons to come to Castleton is to walk around its gorgeous little village, with nooks and crannies leading to all sorts of exciting discoveries. But it has to be the scenery which visitors can have a dabble, not walking far to see the spectacular Winnats Pass, Mam Tor and Castleton Caverns, but for the more adventurous, there are lots of more strenuous walks above the ridges to see the spectacular scenery down below.


Castleton is a really excellent place for cyclists to enjoy, with a variety of routes, some much more challenging than others. Most begin in Castleton village square and one recommended but relatively short route begins in the village, heading west out of the village towards Winnats Pass, but ignoring the turn into the past and heading in the direction of Mam Tor, along the former main road.


Surrounded by various and fascinating rock faces, unfortunately it doesn’t make the ideal rock climbing conditions as the majority of the Castleton rock is very poor quality, and is often very loose, Mam Tor being the obvious example, so there is little or no rock climbing in Castleton Itself.


Available thanks to the Lady Bower Fishery which is based in Sheffield, Lady Bower operates a Fishing club between March and November and there are also two small lakes and a stretch of the River Derwent available to boat and bank anglers, but you must already be a member to fish.


This is a very popular past time, not only in Castleton, but lots of parts of the White Peak. Castleton is a key centre for underground exploration to pot holers at any level, whether you are an experienced caver or a novice. There are numerous clubs and activity centres which operate in Castleton and also expert tuition available.

    • Blue John Cavern 01 768x576

    The Original Blue John Cavern

    • treak stalactites 2

    Treak Cliff Cavern

    • Speedwell Cavern Speedwell House 768x512

    Speedwell Cavern