Animal Welfare


Why Organic believe no chickens or eggs are produced to higher standards than those with the Soil Association organic symbol:

  • The birds are truly free range, spending more of their lives roaming outside
  • They are looked after in smaller flocks
  • They have better access to fresh grass and air
  • They have more space in their houses.Soil Association chickens are special, and more and more people, like you, are choosing to buy them and their eggs. There are many more reasons to buy organic chicken and eggs:
  • Their diet is rich in organically grown cereals
  • The routine use of antibiotics is not allowed
  • Genetically modified feed is banned
  • Scientific research has shown that, in general, organic farming increases wildlife on farms and helps protect the environment
  • Inspectors check every Soil Association farm to ensure that our high standards are met.It takes special care, attention to detail and real commitment to produce Soil Association chickens and eggs. Because of this they do cost a little more, but many shoppers concerned about animal welfare believe that this is a price worth paying.