Ashbourne Guide

A warm welcome is guaranteed for any visitor to the wonderful historic market town of modern day Ashbourne. With a wealth of wonderful shops it provides the contemporary visitor a myriad of choices, containing both hustle and bustle in market stall proportions or in the superb styling of boutique and elegance with character shops aplenty. Art galleries are lots in number and as a centre known for the arts, the town embraces more than 40 events and exhibitions, including poetry, drama, opera and jazz ensuring leisure time will suit all tastes, over the time you get to spend here.


Known as the gateway to the Dovedale, Ashbourne is so close to the wonderful White Peak, a wilderness land crisscrossed with white limestone walls and dotted in lush green fields with farm stock happily grazing. It provides the quintessential countryside scene so close to a town with all amenities at your fingertips. Wander at will through the streets and discover the history of an ancient place, with legends and famous people having graced the town with their presence over the centuries.

Overlooked by the magnificent Gothic church, the buildings of Ashbourne echo the architecture all around, with stories secreted in the stonework simply waiting to be discovered. As old as the Domesday book itself, this town is known as ‘The Pride Of The Peak’ and as ‘one of the most agreeable country towns in the kingdom’, according to some and we wouldn’t disagree. With many names from times gone by, Ashbourne is certainly well known for its reputation as one of the must see towns in Derbyshire.

Dating back to the 1200’s, the market place still stands on cobbled streets and it’s easy to imagine the fairs of long ago selling sheep and cattle and local wares. With its fine Georgian houses and old grammar school, the church is one of the glories of Derbyshire with its tower and spire dominating the small town. There have been very many famous faces and even royalty have passed by. There are monuments and stained-glass windows, cannonballs and cross street gallows. Ashbourne is unique with a history dating back through centuries, but with a modern feel still prevailing. Fine architecture and literary connections make the rare combination of a medieval street layout and Georgian buildings mixed together perfectly in eras entwined.

Ashbourne Town

Ashbourne has it all for the versatile visitor with accommodation of all kinds. Stay in a traditional bed and breakfast or guesthouse and be pampered with home cooked breakfasts or why not stop in one of the wonderful luxury hotels or boutique studios available for self catering in style? Never dine at the same place twice and sample the delights of Ashbourne food and drink and the nightlife it has on offer.  Surrounded by wonderful countryside views, the traditional old pubs serve up a deli of delights offering using local produce and organic scram to give a true taste of Derbyshire deliciousness to every passer by.

With wonderful walks through parks and gardens, meandering at leisure is certainly a must but for those with a sporty nature, the playing fields have facilities for tennis and bowls, the kids and hockey or even football and fishing. The twice weekly vibrant and colourful market brings together visitors from outlying rural villages and farms, specialising in local produce – all at that very affordable price. Whatever your budget and whatever your choice of shopping, Ashbourne certainly has an amazing array of shops supplying gifts to take home to loved ones.

If you can make it for the annual Shrovetide football game, the two days over Shrove Tuesday and Ash Wednesday are certainly a sight to see. Once seen and never forgotten the cork filled leather ball game is thrown by visiting personalities and the games commence with the Up’ards and the Down’ards battling it out across open country, through the streets and even through the stream. Pretty much a free for all, anyone can join in and the pubs are filled to bursting with visitors and locals alike, from both sides of the battle!

Ashbourne Church St Oswalds

Ashbourne is well and truly a welcoming and fascinating historical town. With famous gingerbread and bottled spring water, it has earned itself a worthy reputation as a wonderful place to visit and if you can stay a while longer, then you certainly won’t be disappointed. It provides leisure and relaxation, wonderful walks and dramatic scenery on the doorstep. Once Ashbourne gets under your skin, you will be back time and time again, and with each visit, we guarantee you will find something new to dazzle and delight. Choose Ashbourne for a walking holiday or a shopping spree. Whatever your taste in holiday, let this town tickle your taste buds and create memories that won’t be forgotten for a long time to come.