Bakewell Balloon Rides


If you have a friend with a special birthday coming up, or perhaps you would like to do something romantic for your partner, then consider Bakewell balloon rides for a totally unique and memorable experience. See the Peak District in splendour, floating high on a blue summer sky and marvel at the River Wye as it looks so tiny down below. Enjoy an adventure which combines the thrill of flying, but coupled with the calm sensation of floating on a warm breeze. See Bakewell with a new perspective, from a bird’s eye view high above. Spend time away from the hustle and bustle of the working week and leave all technology behind.

Bakewell balloon rides offer such a relaxing and safe way to view the countryside from above. Not many get to see the land from the sky and sip a complimentary glass of champagne. Offering really special gift packages, surprise a loved one with the gift they could not have considered. Float along the breeze and bask close to the sun, with someone else driving for a change. Balloon rides in Bakewell will let you see the landmarks from a totally different view. Make a memorable day even more so, and remember always your wonderful time in the sky.