Buxton Churches

There are a total of six Anglican churches in Buxton which make up the parish of Buxton, and also serve the parishes of Burbage and King Stern Dale. Each seeks to serve the people of each community.

St James Church stands high on Harpur Hill and has a small but welcoming committed congregation. The parishioners gather at this 100 year old  building every Sunday in a quiet, informal and traditional Anglican style. It is built at the head of a valley and so has some wonderful views over the surrounding hills and countryside, but it does get the full force of westerly winds as it is actually higher than the town of Buxton itself. It can get every cold and sometimes inaccessible in Winter time.  The church accommodates 120 people is light and airy and. It stands on the Harpur Hill Road, near the junction with Grin Low Road, near the heart of the community that it serves.

St Anne’s Buxton is a beautiful church steeped in history and is actually the oldest building in the whole of Buxton. It has a very ornate interior and it’s obvious it has as very Anglo-Catholic traditional past. It is a church that prides itself on being firmly in the Church of England but also catering for the 21st century. It can boast a dedicated congregation which meet each Sunday and on Fridays, it plays host to a lively group of preschool children and their families. It is a small building and can be hard to find but if you can get to the Bath Road, it is neatly tucked away behind the Swan Pub.

Christ Church Burbage is a beautiful church steeped in history and is located in the heart of the old village. It is a very friendly and welcoming church and prides itself on having its welcoming and cosy village church feel, serving the heart of the community. The main Sunday service is a Eucharist service and it is quite a modern building in the Norman style with external walls finished with local grit making it blend into its surrounding perfectly. On the South side is a low tower, which houses the entrance and contains the clock which is illuminated and has a peal of six bells. It can be found at the junction where Macclesfield Road meets up with St John’s Road, near the Duke of York pub.

Christ Church King Sterndale is a beautifully remote rural church and a little off the beaten track. If you don’t know it, it can sometimes takes some finding, but it lies on the road which joins the hamlet of King Sterndale to the road up to Cowdale. It was founded 160 years ago to serve the villages of King Sterndale, Cowdale and Staden in the parish of Buxton and today. It is a place which welcomes many visitors from Buxton and the surrounding villages, welcoming those who would like to worship within the setting of this beautifully historic country church. It is very peaceful and always available for visitors to pray and on Sundays, there is a very relaxed village Anglican worship which takes place.