Buxton Loop (19 miles)


This is a moderate ride with a number of hills. The route takes you away from Buxton & around some of the outlying villages. You will need to cycle on the busy A6 for roughly ½ mile to get out of Buxton but most of the rest of this ride is along quiet county lanes. There are some stretches along gravel bridleways & a couple of hills which you may wish to get of & push.

0 miles – Starting from the Tourist Information Centre (facing away from) go L past the crescent then go through the main pedestrianised street (push bikes).

0.3 miles – Go straight over the 1st roundabout at the end of the main street then L at the next roundabout along the A6, this is a busy main road watch out of traffic.

0.9 miles – At the top of the hill turn R along Waterswallows Road (signposted to Wormhill). Continue past the golf course until the next Jcn.

2.0 miles – Turn R at Breezemont Farm on your L & continue along the road which rises then drops & drops sharply past a quarry & down to a dip and over the railway track. The road climbs and veersround to the R.

5.0 miles – Pass through Hargatewell & follow the road round to the R.

5.5 miles – Pass through Wormhill . Follow the road along a great descent all the way down to the main road.

The small hamlet of Wormhill was recorded in the Domesday Book and was a much more important settlement in the past. In Norman times it was one of the administrative centres of the Royal Forest of the Peak.

On the sloping village green there is an ornate memorial to James Brindley, erected in 1895. This memorial is the centrepiece of the village well dressing at the end of August every year.

The parish Church of St Margaret was mostly rebuilt in 1864, though it still retains its medieval tower.

Wormhill Hall, built by the Bagshawe family in 1697, is the late 17th century mansion you will have passed just before arriving at Wormhill

7.0 miles – The road drops quite sharply to meet the B6049. At the T-jcn go R along the B6049 to Bakewell , Buxton, Blackwell. The road climbs gradually then flattens before the small hamlet of Backwell.

(If you go L when you meet with the B6049 there is a nice Pub called The Anglers Rest. The Anglers rest has been a pub since 1753 & is a snug, quiet little place by the River Wye. The meals are traditional pub style & served between 12.30 14.30 01298 871 323).

8.1 miles – Take the R turn to Blackwell.

8.7 miles – At the main road (A6) go straight over. The A6 is the busiest road through the Peak District so take extra care crossing the road. Cycle up the gravel track.

8.9 miles – Go R at the brown signpost Pennine Bridleway, High Peak Trail 2¼. Pass through the gate & follow the track up & along Pilwell Lane There is another gate at the top of the hill but the views are fantastic. Continue along the track.

9.4 miles – The track turns into a road. Continue to the main road.

9.7 miles – At the minor Junction go R towards Chelmorton & R again to Chelmorton.

10.0 miles – Turn R again to Chelmorton (this road isnt signposted).

10.4 miles – In the village go L.

If you go R there is a pub called The Church Inn. The pub has been there since 1743 & serves food daily (01298 85319).

Chelmorton is the 2nd highest village in Derbyshire, the remains of narrow strips of land that were allotted to each cottage in medieval times can still be seen. Outside these strips lay common land and the parish boundary. Beyond the boundary can be seen regular fields that were laid out after the first enclosures of 1809.

The layout of the village is unchanged probably since Saxon times a single street, with farms at intervals.

To the north of the village is a Bronze Age tumulus at Chelmorton Low at 1440 feet. The tumulus is also the start of an unusually named stream, Illy Willy Water.

10.4 miles – Take the small minor road almost immediately to your R (Common Lane) opposite School Farm.

10.9 miles – At the main road (Coal Pit Lane) go L.

12.3 miles – At the A515 go R this is a busy road so take extra care.

12.4 miles – Go L at the bookshop at Brierlow Bar. This is an excellent book shop with a large selection of local information & also small café.

Go immediately R to Harpur Hill (this avoids cycling along the Busy A515 into Buxton

Continue along this road which veers to the R and drops down into Buxton

14.9 miles – At the main road go L (watch for traffic).

18.3 miles – Just after the Blazing Rag pub turn L along Mosley Rd & takeyour next R along Compton Road.

18.5 miles – Go straight over onto Spencer Road & follow the road round the T-jcn with College road. Go R past the Alison Park Hotel & over the staggered 5 way junction to the top end of The Pavilion Gardens go along the Boardwalk which runs along side the Gardens.

19.0 miles – Arrive back at the Tourist Information Centre.


This information has been provided by Peak Tours, cycling and walking holidays in the Peak District.