Car Parking in Bakewell

There are several car parks in and around Bakewell, enabling for all-day parking or just popping to the shops for an hour or two.

Bakewell Bridge Car Park Pay And Display

This car park is very popular and it’s not very often that isn’t space available here. Situated on Coombes Road it is the first car park as you enter Bakewell from the Baslow direction. It has no height restrictions and is ideal for all sorts of vehicles, including small camper vans. Before you reach the Old Bridge turn left onto Coombes Road and the car park is on your right. It has 155 spaces and is open seven days a week, currently opening 24 hours.  It is a great place to leave the car and be able to wander on the footbridge over the River Wye to see the trout in the crystal clear waters below. It is also ideal if you are visiting Felicini restaurant for a meal. Its centralised location means easy access to the Agricultural Centre, but also to the town’s amenities.

Smith Island Car Park Pay And Display

This car park is the next closest car park from the Baslow direction and is also off Combes Road. If you carry on past the turning to Bakewell Bridge car park, take the next right and straight on into Smith’s Island. The first section is short stay parking and has hundred 120 spaces and a maximum stay of two hours. Its long stay section has 160 spaces and a maximum stay all day of up to 6pm. The car park does close promptly at six but it is open seven days a week from 6:30am in the morning. The car park doesn’t accept conference parking vouchers belonging to the Agricultural Centre, but it is a short walk to the town centre, even nearer than Bakewell Bridge car park.

Agricultural Business Centre Car Park Pay And Display

As the name suggests, this car park is at the Agricultural Centre on Agricultural Way in Bakewell. It has 420 spaces with no height restrictions and is ideal for medium to large camper vans. It is the first car park if you are coming from the Matlock direction and is on the right just before entering the town. When you first arrive down the road it makes you feel you are parking a long way from the town centre when in fact you will only be a short walk away of two or 3 minutes once you park up.

At certain times of the year Chesterfield Shopmobility provide scooters here which are available from outside the business centre itself. It is ideal for shopping trips. But be warned, during severe weather conditions, the Haddon Road entrance is sometimes prone to flooding. During these times the alternative entrance is via Coombes road off the A619 which is over the old bridge on the right as you are leaving town towards Baslow.

There are three smaller car parks and it is a very lucky shopper who manages to catch a space because they are quite small but also conveniently located that sometimes they are worth a try.

Granby Road Car Park Pay And Display

Close the town centre opposite the police station is Granby Road car park. It has 124 spaces and is a mixture of spaces for larger or smaller vehicles. There are short stay and long stay areas in the rear courtyard and it is an ideal car park for quick in and out shopping trips.  It is very busy on market days and virtually impossible to park there at these times.

Market Place Car Park Pay And Display

This car park is situated on Market Place, Market Street in Bakewell and if you have crossed over the Old Bridge and taken the first left, then Market Place car park is on your right. It is a short stay only car park and has just 61 spaces and it fronts the Co-op supermarket. Places may be limited due to the superstore shopping and it gets extremely full very quickly on market days.

New Street Car Park Pay And Display

As the name suggests this car park is in New Street on Bakewell. It only has 18 spaces of mixed shapes and sizes with the long stay area being in the rear courtyard. This car park is ideal for quick in and out shopping trips and is at the rear of the Castle Pub.

If you can’t find car parking in Bakewell then a little further out of Bakewell is:

Station Road Car Park Pay And Display

This car park is only open between 10 and 6pm and is third of a mile at the top of Station Road in the Old Station. It has 25 spaces and is ideal for those planning to walk the Monsal Trail. The walk into Bakewell is probably around a mile down the hill – so remember that the walk back is uphill!

There are of course lots of on street parking spaces. But if you find yourself parking on street out of choice of fair amount of time it is usually permit only or metered. The parking restrictions in Bakewell are stringently controlled and updated regularly. We would urge you to choose the car parks of your choice rather than risking leaving your car and upsetting the residents with on street parking. Also, beware of the restriction notices and avoid a fine!