Chatsworth House Farmyard

Chatsworth House farmyard is an educational representation of the British livestock farming industry and farming within the estate. Visitors can learn about the growth and development of a variety of commercial livestock and how we utilise them in food production. There are several small animal-handling sessions each day and a milking demonstration at 3.30pm. A hand goat-milking demonstration takes place from late May to October.


The Chatsworth House woodland adventure playground provides enjoyment for all ages and has been built to conform to the highest international safety standards. Young children explore the sand and water play areas, while older children can test their skill on the towers, ropewalks, spiral slide and commando wire. Allow at least one hour in the playground alone.


In addition the 28 seat access trailer, which conforms to the highest safety standards, can be booked for educational tours around the Estate.

Refreshments are available in the Chastworth farmyard cafe© and there are indoor and outdoor picnic areas.

Farmyard event weeks – As well as all the usual daily activities for visitors to enjoy, the farmyard team offer a number of special weeks throughout the season, focusing on particular moments in the farming calendar and the changing seasons. There may be special talks and demonstrations and other relevant seasonal displays and activities. These include new life weeks, rural skills week, harvest week and Christmas Nativity weeks from mid November.