Chrome Hill and Parkhouse Hill Walk

Parkhouse and Chrome Hill walk – Peak District

Starting at the Peak District vilage of Earl Sterndale walk down past the pub and take the first left through the pub and into the field walk up and over the hill, you will see Parkhouse Hill as you walk over the hill, head down towards the road and across it into the fields on the other side.

Chrome Hill Peak District  Chrome Hill Peak District

If you want to climb Parkhouse Hill then you can approach from where you feel most comfortable, meander up and take it a bit easier or go straight line to the top, take care when climbing this hill as it can be steep in places and very slippery especially when wet in fact we recommend not climbing the hills if it has been wet weather.

When you reach the top take in the wonderful views across the Peak District, you have deserved a rest, be aware that there is not a lot of room at the peak so if there are other walkers be fair and courteous by not overstaying your seat at the top

Chrome Hill Peak District  Chrome Hill Peak District

If the weather is to bad or you feel it is too much then you can also choose to walk round the base of the hill if you wanted to.

Parkhouse Hill descent is tricky and should be approached with caution. There are a couple of used routes descending and both will be slow and be prepared for lots of clambering.

Chrome Hill Peak District  Chrome Hill Peak District

Once you are safely at the bottom we took another rest and admired the view and bask in our little glory of traversing Parkhouse Hill.!!

Ok so moving on you will see the next Peak District Walk challenge which is Chrome Hill this is higher than Parkhouse Hill but is not as steep a climb. Again once you have passed the last stile before the hill you can find whichever route to the top you feel comfortable with.

A pause at the top is a must not only to rest but once again admire the beautiful countryside of the Peak District and surrounding hills.

The descent of Chrome Hill is easier than Parkhouse and again if you are not sure you can walk around the base of this hill.


Carry on through the fields heading up the hill to the right, this can be tiring just after the two hills you have just climbed but this is the last really steep hill you will ascend on this walk so enjoy the view behind you as you climb the hill.


Chrome Hill Peak District  Chrome Hill Peak District

At the top turn left and follow the stiles through the fields heading past Stoop Farm following the path that leads yo in a gentle arc and through some pretty scenery.


You will be brought back walking parallel with Chrome Hill on your left so you can admire the challenge you have just completed. Carry on until you get to Hollinsclough a lovely little village. With a quaint church and some lovely cottage gardens.


Carry on through Hollinsclough turnling left at the only junction. After a short while turn left into the fields and towards Parkhouse Hill again.


Chrome Hill Peak District  Chrome Hill Peak District


Join the track but do not follow it all the way you will need to turn left off the road and follow the base of Parkhouse Hill until you reach where you started your ascent earlier.


Follow the way you came by crossing the road and up and down the hill and back to the Pub at Earl Sterndale – the Quiet Woman and a welcome pint of Cider!!!