Churches in Baslow


The parish church in Baslow is dedicated to St Anne and stands on a site that has been a place of worship since Saxon times. The present church with its distinctive 13th century broach spire dates from about 1200 at the time of King John. It has been altered and restored many times, the latest being in 1853.

The chancel contains a beautifully carved alter table being the work of the renowned craftsman Advent Hunstone whose carvings adorn the interior of Tideswell church.

St Anne was the grandmother of Jesus and the patron saint of the lame and suffering. Her name has been linked with wells and springs such as St Anne’s well at Buxton, many of which are believed to have healing powers.

In the churchyard of Baslow church is an old cross on a base of steps which it is thought may have originally stood at Bubnell. The cross has since been adapted into a sundial.

Built into the porch of St Anne’s is a 700 year old coffin stone carved with keys and a cross. On the door is a sanctuary knocker – fugitives from justice would take hold of this and beg for entry into the church around the Middle Ages, they would then be safe from capture for as long as they stayed within the sanctuary of the church and the church bell would have been rung to warn the people of Baslow that the fugitive was within.

Within the door and contained in a glass case is a whip used for driving dogs out of the church. In 1608 it was recorded that the dog whipper was paid 4d for his services.