Cottages In Castleton

Cottages in Castleton are near to the many pubs, restaurants and cafes, so self catering doesn’t necessarily mean you have to cook all day. Get as close to Castleton as you need to, or stay outside the bustling little town.

Wander at your will through the wilderness and take off for the day to return rested, to your cosy cottage and a day to remember wandering through Winnat’s Pass and up Mam Tor if you wish. Cut down the choice and choose cottages in Castleton and congratulations, you’ve made a delightful decision for your temporary holiday home!

What a wonderful place to stay, so close to four show caves which hold treasure, but with all the amenities you will ever need, right on your cottage doorstep. This perfectly peaceful part of the Peak District is on the border between the White and Dark Peak – depending on your mood.

Our  list and ever increasing option, offers cottages in all shapes and sizes. Choose from the list to suit your budget, in and around the town itself, or on the outskirts in the countryside nearby. The village is home to lots of good pubs, cafes and restaurants all within a short walk.

For tourist information in Castleton visit the Tourist Information Page HERE

    • torside lounge....


    • lab 10

    The Old Workshop and Laburnum Cottage

    • Riding House Farm

    Riding House Farm Cottages

    • mich 1

    Michill Cottage