The sprawled out village of Cuttorpe is situated in north-east Derbyshire approximately three miles away from Chesterfield on an approach to the moors or a descent towards the crooked spire, depending on which way you are travelling.

Stretching for almost three miles from Four Lane Ends, Cutthorpe contains a wealth of ancient halls of great antiquity and character. The four-storeyed Old Manor House which was built by Ralph Clarke, the first Mayor of Chesterfield, is located by the side of the main street and was built around 1625. Semi-detached to this is Old Hall Cottage which is said to be even earlier and reputedly dates from the 15th century. Cutthorpe Hall down Green Lane is extremely old with ecclesiastical references and features including a secret chapel and hiding place in the rafters. It is mainly 16th century with 18th century additions but is said to have been built on the site of an even earlier building. Nearby is the Dower House which is yet another 16th century property.

Linacre Hall on the outskirts of Cutthorpe was demolished and the land later flooded to form Linacre Reservoirs.

There are three pubs along the three mile stretch of Cutthorpe including The Gate Inn, The Peacock and The Three Merry Lads.

Cutthorpe falls within the parish of Brampton and does not have a church, although there is a Methodist Chapel which was erected in 1837. The former Cutthorpe School of 1865 is now the Village Institute and there is a good sized village recreation ground.