Derbyshire is unique! This landlocked county in the heart of the Midlands has unbeatable records, unrivalled beauty and a character without equal.

A substantial section of Derbyshire falls within the Peak District National Park which was established back in 1951 and is the most visited National Park in the country. The Pennines, a range of high hills known as the backbone of Britain, descend into Derbyshire with the National Forest to be found in the south of the County.

Derbyshire was the home of the Industrial Revolution and is surrounded by large cities such as Manchester, Sheffield and Derby and yet it still retains a diverse landscape with vast tracts of moorland, scenic dales and a valuable ecosystem which is strongly protected and preserved.

Our Derbyshire guide is packed with information from the foundation stones of Derbyshire?s creation and the rich heritage of minerals it contains to the nitty-gritty of everyday life.

If you are searching for Derbyshire Business information you will find a comprehensive directory of local businesses from Accountants to Wine Merchants , whilst our Derbyshire Cottages and Derbyshire Hotels detail the variety and wealth of properties and accommodation providers to be found in the area.

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