Dog Walks In The Peak District

 Dog Walks in the Peak District

Choose from many dog walks in the Peak District National Park covering dog walking for all ages in the Peak District and Derbyshire countryside.

If you are holidaying in the Peak District or just coming to visit Derbyshire for the day and bringing your hairy companion with you, this set of pages could provide you with great information that helps you choose dog walks of interest, allowing you both to enjoy your time fully. With fresh air aplenty, all visitors should make the absolute most of what this fabulous area has to offer, whether it ne walking the hills and dales, or the lanes and roads. It is a carefree, and most importantly free pastime, and to be able to combine such pleasure with excercise for, you and your dog, is a double winner.

In springtime, there is the glory of walking passed new life in the Peak District – lambs and calves and fresh green foliage. For summer, enjoy the cooling babbling rivers, throughout Derbyshire, in stunning dales, like Dovedale, Millers Dale or Bradford Dale. Enjoy dog walking amongst the colours of autumnal change, with the morning heavy mists or the stunning austerity of winter, it’s frosts and it’s snows highlighting the craggy features of the rocky outcrops and peaks drawing the eyes as you walk alond. The Peak District is a playground to be enjoyed for all and dog walking allows you fully explore to whole region, should you both have energy and inclination.  

All Derbyshire walks listed here have already been enjoyed by human and canine’s from the Peak District Online offices, and are truly dog friendly, We try where possible to advise stopping off points for an end of walk cup of tea and cake, or pie and a pint. All will hopefully inspire you into exploring, whilst dog walking, what the countryside of Derbyshire and the Peak District Park have to offer.

With the truly fabulous scenery and so many miles of footpaths and trails to take, we want to show you some easy to follow dog walks that interest both you and your four legged friend, alike. Most tend to start from a Peak District village and allow you to park up, if needed, leading you through a circuitous route, through places of general and local interest, or places showcasing Derbyshire scenery to the full. All allow you to dog walk in places where your dog is safe and can in many places wander, if well behaved and under full control, off the lead making use of all their senses to maximise their enjoyment throughout.

Whether it is walking around the Hope Valley; enjoying Robin Hood’s Stride; Stanton Moor or the Nine Ladies, these pages will offer a growing insight into what you can expect, where you can easily start from and how long the dog walks are likely to take, roughly. With the help of Mable, a Peak District “employee” we want to give the full flavour of these areas so you can enjoy to the maximum.   

It is asked, out of respect for The Peak District National Park, that you are responsible when dog walking, in Derbyshire, especially around the multitude of grazing farm animals or nesting birdes, by keeping them on a lead, where requested and required and also cleaning up after them, as necessary.

Below is a list of our Dog Walks