Dronfield Churches

There are several churches in Dronfield and around the neighbouring parishes, who have all come together to make a promise to work together.

The largest church, and one of Dronfield’s famous landmarks, is St John the Baptist, which has stood at the centre of the community since the 12th century. The actual town of Dronfield grew up during the 1960s and 70s so more churches were built in Homesdale in the East and later in Gosforth Valley in the West. These three churches, together with St Swithin in Holmesfield, and St Mary’s in Unstone and they all make up the team parish of Dronfield with Holmesfield.

For hundreds of years St John’s was the only place of worship in the community and the building is open all day and is used by individuals and groups to serve as a visual reminder of the presence of God in the community. The Sunday service provides both traditional and informal forms of worship. There is also a weekly family service, which is an opportunity for a less formal service where children and their parents as well as newcomers to the church are welcomed. The church has a churchyard with gravestones dating back hundreds of years, the town Memorial garden and a nearby hall and parish office. It plays host to baptisms, banks, Giddings, marriages and funerals.

ST Andrew’s Community Church is based on Pentland Road in Dronfield Woodhouse. It is a special church because it is one single congregation supported by three churches, the Church of England, Methodist and United reform. A true community Church the worship style is influenced by those who support them. The teaching is always biblical and their aim is to equip people to grow in their relationship with God with a very relaxed feel to them morning worship. All ages are represented and made welcome.

St Mary’s Church in Unstone is a happy blend of Anglican Methodist services with their main Sunday service at 10:30 AM, which varies between morning prayer, family service and communion. The church is unlocked and open to the public each Sunday during daylight hours.

St Philips Church on Falcon Road is an all age church, which welcomes everyone to worship. The Sunday service is at 10 AM with evening communion at 6 PM on the first Sunday of each month. There is always a wide variety of activities including art clubs, disabled Christian fellowship groups, and PIPS, which stands for parents, carers and children (nought to 3 years group).

St Swithin in Holmesfield, is very old church, which was used as a meeting place for all community events and the centre of much of the business of the village pre-1200 AD. There is no evidence when the first stone church was built but it is speculated it was pre-Norman. The most modern extensions were carried out in 1963 when the chancel was extended, the vestries launched and a toilet, kitchen and porch were added. Now known as the ‘light on the Hill,’ the church strives to be a beacon of faith and a source of spiritual guidance in the community. There are prayer meetings to charity garden parties and something for everyone.

Dronfield Baptist Church has a community of around 150 people covering the whole age range from nought to 90+ based opposite Sainsbury’s car park in the heart of the town. The Sunday morning service is of family worship and there is a traditional evening service. The church always makes separate provision for children and teenagers during the morning service, including a creche for the very young.