Dronfield Twinning

Since 1971 Dronfield, has been twinned with Sindelfingen which is situated in the state of Baden -Wurttemberg in Germany. The mayors of the two towns signed a formal partnership document on 2nd October 1981, agreeing both towns will undertake and further relationship and contribute to the mutual prosperity of the two nations. It would further the relationship between citizens and educate their youth in the spirit of tolerance and mutual understanding.

Situated in south-west Germany, 10 miles west of Stuttgart, Sindelfingen has a population of around 65,000, which has become a significant commercial town and trade centre thanks to motor cars, textiles and computers. The wholesale textile trade centre and the Daimler- Benz and IBM factories have developed it into one of the most important transit points in the European clothing industry.

It has an impressive range of sporting and cultural facilities, including a Civic Hall, which was completely refurbished in 1989, which accommodates up to 15,000 people. There is an outstanding swimming pool complex, a glass palace and hosts the Davis Tennis cup, the European indoor light athletics Championships and the Germans swimming championships.

During the period of the twinning, links that have been many cultural, sporting, youth, civic and professional exchanges. The first citizens visit took place in 1991 when a party of 45 Sindelfingen  residents visited Dronfield. This was followed by similar visits from Dronfield to Germany in 1992 and from Germany to Dronfield in 1993. Reciprocal visits took place in June/July 1996 when celebrations were held to mark the 25th anniversary of the twinning partnership. The links have been strengthened over time and have resulted in many personal friendships between the residents of the two towns.

As well as this, in 1992 Dronfield entered into an informal friendship link with Sondrio, a picturesque town located in the Italian Alps near the Swiss border, home to 27,000 people.

Dronfield school entered into a student exchange program with a college Cervantes in Vernon in France in 1993.