Frequently Asked Questions

How quickly can my advert be placed onto Peak District Online?

We will endeavour to add you advert on to our site within 5 working days from receiving all your adverts information. This period will start from the date we receive you advert text in full and all the relevant approved photographs. If we have any problems with your holiday accommodation/Business photos or text we will email you or call as soon as we can. We will add a basic advert with your details until we have resolved any issues.

Can my Peak District advert text and photos be sent to you by email?

Of course, your advert can be sent to us by either email or post. Please email all relevant information to Elaine@peakdistrictonline.co.uk. We do not recommend sending large image files as there is a chance they will not be received and may delay your advert being placed on Peak District Online.

Please do not send photos embedded into word documents as we cannot use these images, at your request we can use photos from your own Peak District Holiday Accommodation/Business website, but only if they are a gif file that is not protected. We also cannot take from Macromedia/Flash.

For a postal address please call 0845 1668022.

Can I add other photos at any time?

Yes, please call 0845 1668022 and we can advise you of the additional costs for adding photos to your advert.

Can I alter my photos or text at any time?

Yes, you can change images or photos at anytime during the 12 month Peak District Online advert period. We will alter text or photos up to 3 times in that 12 months, if you require additional alterations please call us on 0845 1668022 – please note we charge a nominal administration fee for each additional alteration.

Can you do anything with poor photos?

We can make some adjustment to images if necessary – including general lightness, contrast, colour saturation and hue, and where practicable we’ll remove scratches or blemishes, and crop the image as per your instructions.

If you require more complex image manipulation – ie removal of dustbins, cars, people – this may require additional studio time.

Could you write up my text description for me?

Yes, we will for an additional £20 help you with the written content your peak District Online Accommodation/Business advertisement as though we do not know your business/accommodation as well as you, but we do know what people are looking for when visiting Peak District Online.

Do we have to have a Tourist Board grading (accommodation only)?

There are no requirements for your Peak District/Derbyshire Holiday accommodation to be Tourist Board graded, We realise that not all accommodation owners agree with the standards and rules set by the Tourist Board. Although if you are Tourist Board Graded is certainly does not stop this being placed in your advert.

Can you modify my advert without my permission/knowledge?

The only situations we will alter your advert without your knowledge is if it is brought to our attention of any spelling/grammar errors on your advert.

We expect that your advertisement is an honest representation of your accommodation/business.

If on the rare occasion we receive information stating otherwise we will try to contact you to discuss and resolve the issue. We do have the right at anytime to alter your advert if we are unable to contact you or feel that it is in any way offensive or malicious.

Who decides the order of adverts?

Peak District Online adverts in each category are set out 17 adverts to a page and show in a random order.

If you wish to be placed at the top of each category then please call to find out about our Banner Advertising rates.

For any further questions please call 0845 1668022.