Folly Jolly by Les Singleton

A nice day in the middle of all this bad weather! We decided, as it was a short day for us due to other commitments, to go close to home – Buxton, to be precise. Sue said it was AGES since we’d been to the folly known as Solomon’s Temple, or Grinlow tower, so that’s where I pointed the map! We parked up at the side of the park. As this walk was a few weeks ago ), the daffs were out in force. This is looking over the pond in the middle of Buxton central park.


We left the park and climbed out of town, immediately seeing great views opening up.


We huffed and puffed up the steep slope towards the tower, getting these good panoramas back over Buxton.



The object of our walk – Solomon’s Temple, a ‘folly’ built to keep workers occupied during quiet times.


There’s Sue waving as she goes in.


King (or, should that be Queen) of the castle!


Stunning views from the top, all around.




After taking the pictures, we left the tower and dropped towards Grin Low caravan site, (located & tucked away in an old quarry). This is looking back at the tower.


Grinlow caravan site.


Of course, lots of new lamb were bleating to greet us today.


You can see Buxton is in wild country just by looking at it.


This was before the real rains came of late – this reservoir was almost completely empty!


Skirting around, we could see the prominent tower for most of the walk.


Only about 6 miles, but a good little stretch for a short day.

This walk was brought to you by Les Singleton of Ricci’s Cafe and Takeaway.