Foolow to Eyam, via Bretton – Peak District Walks

Mable finds another route to Eyam from Foolow, via Bretton

Time taken – 2 hours

This is yet another walk that starts in the Peak District village of Foolow and when accompanied by her best friends is one that Mable enjoys to the full. There is a lot of road walking, I am afraid, but the roads are generally quiet and so long as you take care I have found that the dogs can meander off the lead, quite safely for most of it.


Starting in Foolow, just follow the road up to The Barrel at Bretton. This is the main uphill section of the walk and whilst being quite steep, for the first part, but if you take it steady it’s not too bad and definitely do-able. Follow the road up and all the way passed the pub. Keep going until you get the Roman road, and aged extension of the Sir William Hill Road, which runs a straight gravelled path that connects Bretton to the Sir William Hill Road on Eyam/Grindleford side.  The walk up, although on the road, has some amazing Peak District scenery and is worth walking it just for this view. To the right you overlook the valley floor to Foolow down to Eyam and to the right you get fabulous views down to Abney Clough and off to Hathersage and beyond.

At this stage, you can choose to walk over the Roman road turning right at the end towards Eyam and passing the famous Montpesson Well. For this walk, however, we follow the road around to the right, before the Roman road, and allow it to take us downhill. Keep your eyes open for the gathering of yurts in a field, on the right too – a proper little tented community – and spot the geese and goslings in the sleepy Peak District hamlet of Highcliffe, a little further on, with its babbling brook and trough which offers a welcome drink source for the hounds.


About 100 yards along through the hamlet there is a cinder path, off to the right, which takes you directly downhill into Eyam. It is loose under foot so take it with care. It is worth taking though as it cuts off a large ”dog leg” corner, via Montpesson Well and down the narrow darkened Edge Road,  and I am all for saving energy, where possible.

The path brings you out at the top of The Nook, with some lovely cottages either side and is just above the main Eyam car park and The Eyam Museum, which I would recommend you visit given the chance.


At the bottom of the hill you can either take a left into the village, for the pleasure it contains, and return over the fields or Tideswell Lane to Foolow, or for this particular walk, take a right and make use of the road out of Eyam to take you back. You will pass sheep and cow fields on either side as well as the salubrious W.H Smith works. There is traffic sporadically along this road and dogs need to be on lead but it is not that busy to make it unpleasant, and it does still make for a pleasant twenty minute walk back into Foolow.

If you are thirsty when you reach the village, I would recommend The Bulls Head in Foolow, which is dog and human friendly and offers a hearty warm welcome to Peak District visitors as well as drinks and tasty food.