Ghost Walks in Derby

Derby isn’t named ‘the dead centre of England’ and is reputed to be extremely haunted. The very popular and informative ghost walks in Derby run throughout the year and have been a real success since they started over eight years ago.

There are a variety of ghost walks to choose from, which are all led by friendly guides and experienced and informative people, but pre-booking is essential as they are extremely popular. They can be booked from Derby Gaol on Saturdays and start at 7 PM sharp. The price includes a candlelit supper.

The two walks start from the Shakespeare Inn in Saddlergate for the City Centre Walk and the Friargate ghost walk which starts from Derby Gaol. The tours last approximately 3 hours and private ghost walks can also be arranged.

 City Centre Ghost Walk starts from the Shakespeare Inn and explores Derby’s uncertain and gory past. Tales of total murders, hauntings and the Black Death as well as visit to the tunnels beneath the Guild Hall are a must, and the evening ends with a Ghost Hunters Supper at the Tiger Bar in Lock Up Yard.

Friargate ghost walk is called ‘The Hangman’s Walk’ starts from Derby Gaol on Agard Street. The tour goes on churches, inns and pubs, with stories of ghosts, executions, hauntings and murders. The evening ends with hangman’s supper back at Derby Gaol.

Ghosts in Derby

Derby Gaol has many reputed ghosts with one thought to be the shade of Richard Thorley, who murdered a woman and his victim’s ghost is also seen around the area dressed in blue. An Australian tourist who spent the night in this very wanton building reported hearing a number of strange sounds during the night and that her pillow moved by itself. Lots more ghosts can be read about in Derby jail page.

The ghosts include a headless gentleman walking around Ascot Drive, spectral children playing, singing and dancing in the Darwin Suite Assembly Rooms, many dressed in 18th-century clothing working in the Bell Hotel and also in the same place, another entity which lurks within the walls is a poltergeist, which throws small items around when distressed.

A Roman centurions has been spotted on Chester Green and many believe this area is haunted by a division of Roman troops who can be heard marching late night. The white lady of Derby Cathedral is seen on the steps behind the structure making brief appearances. A woman in tears has also been seen near the cathedral carrying the young child and the same location is home to a man wearing old-fashioned clothing, not forgetting the former executioner who killed his father and brother who jointly haunt the area.

The ghost of PC Moss is the first police officer to be shot and murdered in Derby in 1859, once haunted the police station, but now it is a fish market, but Moss remains in the area. At the Falstaff  public house, there is an Irish bareknuckle fight, a young boy, an ex-landlord and a sergeant major and items are moved and hidden, with electrical appliances switched on and off.