Goyt Valley Walk Peak District

This Goyt Valley Walk is around 4 miles long and can be a little tricky underfoot in some places.

The Goyt Valley is a stunning area in the Peak District, known for its breathtaking scenery and picturesque walks. Located near Buxton and Stockport, this valley is characterized by its lush green hills, winding river, and peaceful woodlands.

in winter as with any country walk bad weather may cause parts of this walks to be muddy and slippy so wear suitable clothing.


This walk starts along side the River Goyt if drive past the Errwood Reservoir and follow the road (one way) we started this walk you coordinates 53.2572 -1.9841 see map:

Goyt Valley Parking

from the car park walk up the road for a short while until you see a path leading to the right, before you turn admire the Goyt Valley bridge in the ravine to your left.

Follow the path up the makeshift steps in the hill and carry on this through the gate and past the signpost heading for stakeside shining tor.

Goyt Valley Signpost  Goyt Valley

Cross the river at stake clough and head up through the trees when we passed through here there had been plenty of tree felling as you can see from image:

Goyt Valley  Goyt Valley

head on up the hill taking time to look back over the hills, it looked vibrant with all the burning of the heather and grass making a lovely patchwork effect and also the view over the Errwood reservoir, follow the path up past stake clough up the hill, pausing half way up to admire the view is not a bad idea, we came across a couple of photographers who were camping out hoping to capture some of the beautiful wildlife that is in this area.

Goyt Valley  Goyt Valley

At the top of the hill to your left you can see in the distance the cat and fiddle pub on the A537, when you have taken in enough of the views turn right and head down the hill heading towards the reservoir carry on down until you reach a stile on your left pass over this and follow the path down, the views change dramtically here from the wilds of the moors and now this lush green of the trees and the purple bushes, you are now in shooters clough, follow this path and turn right at the bottom.

Goyt Valley  Goyt Valley

You are now heading towards Errwood Hall where the Grimshawe family lived, the hall was demolished in 1934 when the Fernilee Reservoir was created. This is where there are no strict directions take time to wander around this area as there are some wonderful spots by the river and the Hall, there is also the family cemetery nearby. Stand in the ruins of the hall and imagine what it would have been like in its day and the view looking down the valley.

Errwood Hall  Errwood Hall

When you want to move on head down in the direction of the reservoir and you will pick up the path leading towards the road and a car park.

From here turn right and follow the road, after a while you will see a sign to the right for a riverside walk, you don’t have to go this way although I recommend it as it is much more interesting than the road!

This path drops down by the river Goyt that is fed from the Reservoir and is home to plenty of wildlife there are a few seating areas where you can stop and sit and watch nature , there are even some bird houses that have been fixed to trees to tempt some of the birdlife into view.

Goyt Valley  Goyt Valley

If you follow this path over a couple of quainy bridges the path will lead you back on to the road.

Carry on until you reach where you started and thats it the end of one of my favourite walks hope you also enjoy.

Map of Goyt Valley Walk – Peak District

Goyt Valley