Gullivers Kingdom

Gullivers Kingdom at Matlock Bath is a family run theme park designed for the whole family to enjoy from ages of 3 to 99. It boasts a wealth of attractions and rides which are certain to keep the whole family entertained.

Family theme park with rides suitable for young children and Royal Cave
Open 10.30am-5pm, 23rd March to 6th April, weekends till June , then daily till 4th September
Weekends 5th Sept-2nd November

Tel 01629 580540

Gullivers Kingdom has an interesting lineage. Founded by Ray Phillips in 1978, it was originally designed as a model village for his own children’s entertainment, and was sited near to the original ‘Victorian Switchback’ rollercoaster, which now lends its name to one of the parks rides today

In a world of corporate takeovers and company buyouts it’s comforting to know that the park is still operated by the same family today, ensuring that traditions built up over the years are maintained.

Probably one of the key features of the Park at Matlock Bath is its location. Built upon a steep hillside there are stunning view across to the Heights Of Abraham, Starkholmes and of course to Matlock Bath itself.

In addition to the rides and attractions at Gullivers Kingdom there are plenty of places for refreshments and chance to take a break before the next experience these include: Gulliver’s Travels Restaurant, The Happy Haddock, Bourbon Restaurant, Percy Pig’s Pizza Parlour and Canyon Grill. In addition there are a number of shops to browse through and pick up a gift or two, or to just relax while the children enjoy themselves on the many rides which are nestled within this tree covered landscape.

No theme park would be complete though without it very own special characters; Gullivers Kingdom is no different. ‘The Gully Gang’ consists of Gully Mouse, Gilly Mouse, Percy Pig, Leonard Lion and Ellie Elephant who are always happy to meet and entertain the children who visit and even have their photograph taken with them as a memento of the day.

The list of rides is endless with the log flume an ever popular favourite. Existing attractions are always being added to or updated and it is to the parks credit that the Phillips family still insist that every attraction and ride is thoroughly tested so that families get the most fun from the whole experience.

However, the fun doesn’t stop at the end of the holidays. Throughout the year special events take place including educational days. Many groups organise trips to the Gullivers Kingdom and it has now become a favourite destination for school trips. With the addition of educational days Gullivers Kingdom really does tick all the boxes.

A wonderful addition in 2009 was the return of the Lost Kingdom dinosaur area, which offers a mass of puzzles and excitement that the whole family can enjoy.

The park is open from April through to December and offers special discounts for ‘family tickets’. There are events being held right up until Christmas, so Gullivers Kingdom really is a great way to start the festive season.

The park is very much a success story that continues today, offering great value family entertainment. By keeping Gullivers Kingdom ‘in the family’ so to speak they really do understand what other families are looking for in a day out. So much so that they have now seen families return year after year standing testament to the parks popularity.