Help for my Business

The Peak District National Park Authority works with businesses within the Peak District to support and encourage them to get the best out of the goods and services that they offer. For more information see the website

Can I get grant aid to start a business or develop a new business idea in the Peak District?

Various grants may be available dependent on the type, location and nature of the business itself.  Grants may also be available to the owners of listed buildings, or for some unlisted buildings within conservation areas, to assist with repair and restoration costs. If your organisation has a community focus, that is, a social enterprise or non-for-profit organisation, help may be available through the Sustainable Development Fund. This does not rule out private businesses but these need to demonstrate a clear community and innovative element. If you think that your business makes special use of the qualities of the Peak District environment and shows environmental consideration in your products and services you could ask if there are any schemes running at present. 

How can my business get recognition for its environmental good practices?

If you think your business is run in an environmentally friendly way and uses products or services that contribute to the conservation of the Peak District National Park, then you may be eligible to receive the Peak District Environmental Quality Mark (EQM) award. The EQM logo is designed to communicate to your customers the efforts you are taking to reduce your environmental impact and contribute to the conservation of the special qualities of the Peak District National Park.  Find out more about the Peak District Environmental Quality Mark award, including how to apply for the award, by contacting the EQM Project Officer, Faith Johnson on 01629 816 321 or email

How can I reduce my business’s environmental impact?

The Peak District National Park encourages all businesses located within the National Park to consider the way in which they approach energy and water use, waste and recycling, and the sourcing of the materials they use.  The Peak District Environmental Quality Mark award’s application process includes a simple energy, waste and water audit along with advice from the Project Officer on ways your business can further reduce its environmental impact.  The Sustainable Development Fund may also be able to assist in some circumstances. There are a number of other organisations that can give advice and support, but they may charge for this service. The Carbon Trust, Energy Saving Trust, Envirowise and Groundwork are examples of services that offer businesses the opportunity to reduce their ‘environmental footprint’. There may also be certain regulations that your business has to comply with.