Holiday Cottages by Size

Peak District holiday cottages by size means we can find exactly what you want to accommodate the amount of people you wish to bring along. Because we have such a vast range of stunning Peak District cottages to choose from, sometimes it can be a daunting task to pick out the one just right for you. By listing our Peak District holiday cottages by size means cutting down the time you will have to spend, deciding where to go and what to see, as well as working out your budget. Size does affect price, so why pay more for a bigger property if you don’t need the extra room?

We have luxurious mansions and spacious country houses and we have compact and cosy apartments. The range is enormous and you will certainly be spoilt for choice. Peak District holiday cottages that sleep up to 2 are great for couples or if you want to venture into the Dales with just you and the dog! They are the lowest priced in the budget but don’t compromise on quality and style. Peak District holiday cottages that sleep up to 3 usually have a couple of bedrooms or possibly a lounge with a sofa bed. With our cottages that sleep from 4 to 6 then usually three bedrooms are available. The bigger the party, then the bigger the Peak District holiday cottages by size you will need. So browse through our selection and you will soon pick the Peak District holiday cottages by size and you can then look forward to your stay!

Are you looking for holiday cottage accommodation in the Peak District? Then look no further, as here we bring you Peak District Holiday Cottages by size.

Peak District holiday cottages come in all shapes and sizes from a ‘compact and bijou’ apartment to luxurious mansions and spacious country houses, with a price tag to match.

Our section on Peak District Cottages by Size has therefore been designed to refine your search, saving you time, money and rooms full of empty beds. Ranging from a petite pied-a-terre suitable for a sole visitor or couple, a capacious and multi-bedroomed manor house to a suite of farm cottages where an extended family or group of friends can holiday under one roof or live side by side as neighbours for their stay.

A Peak District holiday Cottage offers fun and plenty to see and do for all ages and abilities, and what better way to relax than to find a ‘home from home’ cottage, surrounded by breathtaking views and delightful countryside.

The Peak District is a romantic retreat for couples, an action-packed activity playground for families and a location offering amusement and entertainment for large groups. Staying in a holiday cottage provides self-catering flexibility and the opportunity of an affordable holiday without having to compromise on quality. Scrolling through our Peak District Cottages by Size section will hopefully thrill and surprise you with a wide range of character properties.

Scattered throughout the Peak District are an extensive range of holiday cottages eagerly waiting to be your temporary home, to provide comfort and shelter no matter what the weather. Simply click on the highlighted category suitable to the size of your group, decide on and book the cottage of your dreams and then start packing your bags and planning for your stay with the help of information provided by our website.