Life in a Lens Museum

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Although our museum is primarily dedicated to presenting the history of popular photography from its invention in 1839 to more recent times, it has a strong Victorian flavour and is presented as an informative entertainment for people of all ages and walks of life. It has often been said that there is something here for anyone with a natural interest and curiosity – perhaps because we have a true commitment to preserving history and presenting it in an accessible way.

The museum is situated in our Victorian building dating from 1861 (shown below), which we renovated especially for the purpose and we have encouraged a Victorian ambiance throughout. Many visitors enjoy this aspect for its own sake and we have a growing display of mannequins in vintage dress from the Victorian and Edwardian periods to add a special depth to the atmosphere.

Life in a Lens has proven very popular among the more discerning visitors to the scenic, historic and currently undervalued village of Matlock Bath – once known as the ‘Gem of the Peak’. We will therefore continue to improve and expand the museum in coming months.

Life in a Lens Museum
118 North Parade,
Matlock Bath,

DE4 3NS for a map

T: 01629 583325