Peak District Open Gardens

The Peak District is proud of its open gardens and gardeners, who meticulously tend their plots, manicure their lawns and cultivate a multicoloured miscellany of plants, shrubs and trees.

Whilst there are numerous parks and public gardens that are open for visitors all year round, some remain secret gardens that are generally hidden behind high hedgerows and walls.

Some Garden Centres feature landscaped plots and garden areas where they can advertise their plants in a natural setting that is open for everyone to enjoy, whilst historic houses in the Peak District often have formal and informal gardens which they open to the public with an admission charge for entry.

Peak District Open gardens is a concept that began many years ago, adopted as a method of fundraising by villages and towns. Proud residents with gardens that they are proud to show off, open their gates to the public for a nominal charge. Many open gardens are registered and promoted by the National Gardens Scheme.

Open gardens is a way of peeping behind the privet hedge, having a nosey around someone’s nasturtiums, snooping your way through the snowdrops and rummaging through their rose bushes!

Whether your preference is for borders neatly laid out with a colourful collage of annual blooms or an informal hotchpotch and kaleidoscope of perennial perfection, the open gardens of the Peak District will be sure to dazzle you with a truly stunning floral display.