Peak Choice – Traditionally Reared Beef and Lamb, delivered to your door.


Traditionally Reared Beef and Lamb, delivered to your door.

In 2005 His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales visited the Peak District and met a number of small Family Farmers. The farmers explained that Hill Farming had become a loss making enterprise and unless better prices could be secured for their livestock they would not be able to continue to work their farms which in turn would have a disastrous impact on the beautiful landscape and environment of the Peak District.
These conversations inspired the creation of our co-operative of farmers to sell their high quality beef and lamb directly to consumers.

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• All our animals graze on the lush pastures of the Peak District
• All our Farms use only traditional farming methods to Breed and Rear their animals – working to the highest standards of animal welfare
• All our Farmers are members of a recognised Farm Assurance Scheme and are part of a recognised Environmental Stewardship Scheme

Peak Choice now offers the very best quality lamb and beef that is born and reared in the Peak District. It gives you not only the opportunity to taste some of the areas finest produce, but to help preserve the landscape, and the livelihood of it’s farmers for years to come.


Telephone: 01629 735303