Peak Dialects

Here are some phrases commonly used in The Peak District. The dialects may vary from village to village. If your coming to The Peak District or Derbyshire for the first time you may find our guide of the local dialect useful.


NUFF SAID : I understand you don’t have to tell me anymore

PUT TWOOD INTOIL : Put the wood in the hole, close the door

NA’THEN : Now then- Now look here or can be used as greeting

ART A BALMPOT : You are silly

THA’ WHAT : What did you say can be used jokingly or a threat

HEYUP : Can be used as a greeting , an expression of surprise or a greeting

FAIR TO MIDDLIN’ : Not too bad, response to a question

BAH GUM OR EE BAH GUM : Well I never.

GERROF : Get off.

GI US ONE THEN : Give me one then

THA’LL GET NO CHANGE OUTER THAT ONE : You won’t get anywhere with this person.

OUR LASS : My Sister

OUR KID : My Brother

BENT AS A BUTCHER’S HOOK : A crook, swindler etc.

GERRON WI THEE : Get on with you – You must be joking

EY-UP ME DUCK : Hello my friend or loved one.

ZENNY ONYA CUMMIN WIMMY TILSON : Is anybody comming with me to Ilkeston

DO LALLY or DO LALLY TAP : Mad as a Hatter

MIND THYSEN : Please move out of the way


GUD NEET : Good night.

NEETS : Night shift

TOW’D DRAGON : Wife or Mother in law

EARALL SAYNOWT : Hear everything but don’t say anything

THA’S MUCKED IT UP : You have really made a mess off that

WEER THER’S MUCK THERS MONEY : There is money to be made in dirty places.

GERROUTTERTHEER : Move away from there.

THA’NOSE NOWT : You don’t know anything.

KEEP THEE NOSE AHT’ : Keep your nose out of my Buisiness

MARDY : As in don’t be mardy- stop crying

GOBSMACKED : Surprised

TINT : or TAINT It is not

OH ECK : Oh no!

EE BY ECK : Well I never

BOLD AS BRASS : BOLD AS A BRASS MONKEY A very forward person

COMMON AS MUCK : Common as dirt, someone of low reputation.

IF ITS OWT TO DO WI THEE AHL TELL THEE : If it has anything to do with you I will keep you informed.

ALBELT THY ONE : I will hit you

ANTHEE ANOWL : And you as well

WHATSUP : What is wrong

NOWTSUP : There is nothing wrong.

THADNONEED TA BOTHER THYSEN : There is no need for you to bother yourself

HEDIN’T DIDHE : He did not, did he?

TWERNT : It was not.

TIS : It is

TISNT : It is not

TWERNT FOR HIS BRAIN HE’D BE SMART : If it wasn’t for his brain he would be smart.

THACUDNT KNOCK SKIN OFFER RICE PUDDING : You could not knock the skin Off the top of a rice pudding, infering that the person being addressed was a weakling.

AHM PIGGED OFF : I am really annoyed

GERRINWITHY : Get inside with you

WHATSTHA THINKITIS : What do you think you are doing

BET THA’DINT THINK IT WA GONNA BE THAT EASY DID THA. : Usually said to a workmate who has just totally exhausted himself.

GOINDAN’T ROWAD : I am going down the road

THALLCATCHTHEYDEATHOCOWD : You will catch your death of cold

NATHENCLEVERCLOGS : Now then clever clogs

ATHAGONNABREWUPTHEN : Are you going to brew up then, meaning make me a cup of tea please.

THAGONNASUPUPTHEN ORWHAT. : Are you going to finish your drink or what?

BETTERGERONTHEN : We had better get a move on then.

THARTAGRET DUMPLING : You are a great dumpling

AHMGOIN’AHT, THEEDINNERSTINTOVEN : I am going out your dinner is in the oven.

WHATDOYAMACALLIT : Don’t know what this is ? Why its a Thingymejig of course.

YAGRETPUDDINGEAD : You great pudding head, you silly fool.

DINT : Didn’t

HEGIDITME : He gave it to me.

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