Peak District Charities

Charity begins at home as the saying goes, with ‘loving kindness’ being the definition of ‘charity’ in many dictionaries. The world is dependent on the benevolence and generosity of some to aid and relieve the suffering of many.

Charities have been in existence for centuries, when at one time it was mainly the wealthy who funded the poor in the form of endowments, gifts and contributions as well as by providing for the needy with shelters, buildings and hand-outs. Nowadays though it is possible for everybody in the country to donate to a worthy cause, if only a few pence or a few pounds or by fundraising.

As well as numerous Peak District Charities that provide aid and funding for local projects there are charitable organisations based in the Peak District such as Village Aid at Bakewell that offer help and relief abroad.

Some Peak District Charities are not just to benefit people but may generate assistance for animals, buildings, places, organisations or events. Friends of the Peak District – protecting the countryside for the nation, for the future is one of the forefront Peak District Charities whose worthy cause is right on our doorstep.

Peak District Charities
in the form of Charity Shops have sprung up in most high streets over the last couple of decades; some are for national charities whilst others are a way of raising funds for local projects, hospitals, hospices and medical conditions.

Charity Walks, Charity Bike Rides, Charity Abseiling and other more obscure events are becoming more and more popular, being well supported and an extremely popular form of fund-raising, often a way for the aid worker or supporter to have a bit of fun and enjoyment whilst raising awareness for the charity as well as publicity and funding.

Every once in a while nature has a way of being destructive and uncharitable with catastrophic events through a whole range of natural disasters. This is a time when goodness and humanity shine through and valuable assistance is provided as a result of mans desire to help his fellow man.

Peak District Charities are not just about dropping a penny or two in a tin outside the local supermarket, although this is a valuable source of donation, but charity begins at home as the saying goes, and a little bit of goodwill and a touch of loving kindness can go an awfully long way!