Peak District Cottage Owners Information

Most people when asked about a holiday cottage say they are looking for a home from home – somewhere that provides all they need for a wonderful break. There are no hard and fast rules over what you should and should not do, but here are a few ideas that might help.

Tell your guests about any special features your cottage might have such as an open log fire or children’s play area. Is the cottage near wood land or a local attraction?

Many Peak District cottages have a tale to tell, so tell it! People like to have a little background to the place they are going to stay in. Whether it’s a tale about the night Mary Queen of Scots came to stay or the ever present headless horseman. Include these little snippets to turn your cottage into a ‘special place’ that people will want to visit.

Peak District pet friendly cottage

A study carried out in 2007 revealed that over 31% of British households own a dog and 26% a cat. If you’re happy to accommodate pets then scream this out to prospective guests. Many pet owners will list this one feature as the most important of all and disregard any accommodation that doesn’t cater for them. That isn’t to say that you can’t lay down a few guidelines and providing poop bags acts as a subtle hint.

Peak District Cottage and child safety

Most cottages will be a source of wonder to children. But in providing accommodation you need to ensure the environment is safe for them. Be prepared for people to ask for ‘child friendly’ stairs or even a cot. Ensure open fires have a good safe and secure guard and make sure that ponds are inaccessible or covered with safety net during the season.

Equip your holiday cottage kitchen

Many of us avoid cooking gastronomic wonders whilst on holiday, but the truth is that we all have to eat. Guests will want to know what cooking facilities are available. More importantly, guests will want to know if there adequate pots and pans, a kettle and in this modern age, even coffee making equipment.

Try not to have a selection of random cups, mugs and plates. Keep an eye out for store bargains and buy in bulk, thinks do get broken r and will need replacing throughout the year. Get a standard set of cutlery and a selection of cooking utensils, but make sure these are replaced regularly as there is nothing worse than cooking with something that looks like it has been used to weed the garden.

Peak District Cottage bedroom

Bedding is always a big issue with holiday lets and a real cause for argument when the bill comes to be paid. Let guests know whether all linen is included in the price or if there is a small laundry charge. Equally do you supply sheet or duvets?

Services and useful information – Peak District attractions

ake sure your guest have a list of all local services such as the address of the local hospital, chemist and vet. Of course there are shops to consider, the newsagent and local general store. Is there a farm nearby, which sells locally produce?

Not everyone drives a car, (approximately half the population actually!), and there are many who still want to take advantages of the Peak District as a holiday location. Ensure you research where the local trains run from and acquire up to date time tables; this applies equally to buses and coach stations. Also remember that Peak District online is ‘Global’ so overseas visitors will want to know where the nearest Airport is and how far away the cottage is.

Many holiday makers will have searched on line to find local attractions but it’s still a great idea to have a selection of the latest tourist leaflets available for your visitors to browse through when they arrive. These need reviewing regularly and old leaflets taken out, no-one wants to take a trip to find that an attraction closed down last year.

Advertise any holiday cottage late availabilty or offers

Your prices will vary during the year and will often depend on local trends or rates suggested by agents. However, there is value in ensuring that you advertise any special deals you offer; cheap weekend breaks or midweek stays. It’s also an idea to let people know if you are willing to take late bookings.

Peak District cottage health and safety

Nobody wants to end a holiday with a disaster and good health and safety is a matter of common sense. Check that carpets are in good order and there are no trip hazards. Check that all furniture is in good order and that there are no nasty sharp edges that will inflict a cut. Remember you may have known the property for years; to your guests it is day one.

It is a good idea to make sure all portable appliances are tested every year, this needs to be done by a ‘responsible individual’ who can test that equipment, like a kettle, is earthed correctly and that cables and plugs are in good order. All heaters and central heating need checking every year and if gas they need to be checked by a qualified CORGI registered heating engineer.

Peak District cottage vistior entertainment

A collection of reading material is a must as is a collection of CDs and DVDs in addition a good selection of family games can be a real boon as well as the obligatory pack of cards. A few visits to local car boots can be an inexpensive way of ensuring your guests aren’t bored when the weather turns inclement.

Peak District Cottage welcome pack

As a final touch, consider a treat for your guests when they arrive, a bottle of wine and basic supplies in the fridge will ensure they will shout your praises from the roof tops when they return home. Remember that the availability of many cottage lets are passed on by word of mouth so going that extra mile can pay dividends.