Peak District Memories

There is no better way to enjoy a nostalgic trip down memory lane than to read a personal account of someone’s childhood memories or experiences of life in the Peak District. As well as being extremely interesting, it is an informative way to pass on knowledge for future generations.

Our world is constantly changing – senior citizens can tell stories of a life that may sound far removed to anything we are experiencing today, whilst even mature adults remember everyday life and schooldays as being far different to those enjoyed by the current younger generation. Reminiscences, recollections and memories of the past often conjure up scenes of bygone times that were both good and bad but often nothing like the present.

Memories of village life and rural pursuits in the Peak District or memories of local towns and townsfolk can make fascinating reading, as do experiences and recollections of lifestyles and living conditions. Memories of working in jobs and industries which have now become redundant or even non-existent are an important part of commemorating the past.

This section is our way of recapturing times of old through a series of short life stories, diaries, personal accounts and memories of time either spent visiting or living in the Peak District

Choose from our evocative collection of experiences and recollections and prepare to be taken back in time on a journey that will remind you of times gone by, maybe bringing back your own personal memories of the past as well as to enlighten and inform our younger readers with snippets of local history and an insight into the way things used to be.