Peak District Weather

The Peak District covers hundreds of miles so the weather does vary so it is best to be prepared and check the weather forecast before you set off to the Peak District.

Here is a simple overview of the weather in the Peak District..


Spring in the Peak District brings milder weather but along with that it also brings the wonder of nature at Spring Time. The lambing season is upon the Peak District as the farmers are happy that the weather is good enough for the baby lambs to survive, so if it’s warm enough for the lambs it should be warm enough for you!

Average Temperature is between 7 Degrees and 14 Degree Celsius.


Summer is in bloom, this is one of the best time to visit the Peak District, flowers and the wildlife are at its busiest and the days are long so plenty of time for exploring the wonderful places the Peak District has to offer. If the Summer weather is exceptionally good then the village pubs and their beer gardens are packed and the well dressings and carnivals that are on throughout the area mean there is always something for you to do.

Average Temperature is between 16 Degrees and 19 Degree Celsius.


Autumn generally brings a milder climate but does tend to have some nice weekends if the weather stays dry, a great time to visit if you are not tied to school holidays as there will be cheaper accommodation to be found. Some of the views with the Autumn colours on the trees makes for some breath taking views and is our personal favourtite time in the Peaks.. well we are selfish and although we love the visitors it’s nice to have it all to ourselves!!!

Average Temperature is between 7 Degrees and 15 Degree Celsius.


Well Winter brings some very different weather to the Peaks, There are some areas that are of high altitude and can be hit quite badly when the winter weather arrives. We have seen 20ft snow drifts and weeks of ice and rain… Ok these are the extremes and the Peak District will as a rule have a few weeks of really bad weather but it does not last too long and if you are feeling adventurous this makes for some fantastic winter scenes, oh and the pubs are great at getting the open fires going and welcoming visitiors with a big smile and a welcome ale.

Average Temperature is between 4 Degrees and 6 Degree Celsius.