Peak Forest via Rushup Edge – Peak District Walks

Peak Forest and beyond Rushup Edge

Time Taken – 4 hours

This was a new walk for me and one that was taken initially as a mistake, having made a decision to proceed instead of returning to Peak Forest, we “found” Rushup Edge then had to find our way back.

Since that first attempt, which was a little anxious I have walked it again, in sunnier and happier times and although strenuous, we found it to be exciting and interesting for both human and canine companion as it is a complete circle but offers quite varied views of the Peak District countryside and shows off some of the most stunning aspects of that scenery, such as Kinder Scout, Mam Tor to stunning effect.


The walk starts in Peak Forest, at the Devonshire Arms pub. Leaving this to your right you need to initially proceed along Church Lane, passed the shops of the right and continue passed the Methodist Church on the left until you reach a road junction. Turning left at the junction follow the lane passed Perrydale Farm and later, Nether Barn and Mine Cottage on your left and follow the route through Perry Dale to Perryfoot Farm on the Winnats/Sparrowpit road – make a note to stop some time at The Wanted Inn in Sparrowpit for some lovely home cooked food and a sly pint or two! –  Cross and turn left along the fenced path keeping he small pond to your right and a few minutes later turn right onto a narrow lane that leads passed Whitelee Farm on the left.


As you continue on you start to ascend passing Rushup Cottage Farm to the left and Rushup Hall to the right shortly after which you will reach the road, which needs to be crossed. After crossing turn right and walk along a fenced path leading to a track that follows Rushup Edge, a ridge that apparently barriers limestone and gritstone country of the Peak District and is very popular with Parra -gliders when conditions are optimum.

Follow this ridge straight along for a couple of miles, ensure that you take in the stunning vista’s across to Castleton and Edale as you go and as you descend you will be able to take in the Peak District glory, straight ahead, which is Mam Tor and Lose Hill. In descent you will reach the Edale road when you will need to turn right and then left over a stile leading to the A625 and Mam Nick Car Park on the right.


From here, walk straight across and straight through stiles when you will pass close to the left of Windy Knoll Cave, where prehistoric animal bones were found before being placed in the Buxton Museum. Follow the grassy path by the field’s edge to a gate and cross to the right of the gate following the track to Rowter Farm. Turn through another gate to the right and follow the path sign along a defined grassy path up towards some a stile and wall. Follow along the wall to the right until you reach more level ground and a better defined track way. Cross the stile opposite you and then another finding a light grassy path which can be followed right across the field ahead. Across the field there is some sparse tree cover to the left and some old lead mine workings, Keep right as you pass through the trees and begin your descent through additional stiles passed Conies Dale to the left.


After the third stile and keeping the wall to your left, cross the middle of the next field to a walled path leading to Conies Farm. With the Farm to your left follow the walled path as it narrows and takes you back to the Peak Forest cross roads at Old Dam, where you need to re-find Church Lane, to return to the Devonshire Arms, if in need of sustenance, as we were on both times we have completed this walk.

It is a long one but, in my eyes, one of the best as you reach some of the Peak District heights and mange to see much of its panoramic beauty.