Seasonal Pitches

Have you found that wonderful wilderness you like to return to with your caravan or tent as often as you can? How about an impromptu long weekend, taking off as soon as you return from the Friday work day, pack a few things and drive to that spot you have dreaming about all week? Well, camping and caravanning in the Peak District is certainly a glorious way to forget the weekly worries. Sometimes it can seem like a chore, packing everything you need every time you just want to nip out for an overnight stay, or a weekend break. Why not think of looking into one of our many camping and caravanning sites offering owners the chance to leave their caravans pitched, ready and waiting throughout the summer or sometimes all year round?

It’s an excellent way to store the camper, motorhome or caravan knowing it will be safe and sound and ever ready for your return. Simply open the door and begin your holiday or short break straight away, everything is as you left it – with even the wine still chilling in the fridge! Some pitches offer the chance with the convenience of leaving your valuables all year round but most offer seasonal pitches during the spring and summer. Overwintering is another option. It certainly is so much easier to start relaxing straightaway if your temporary home is in a fixed abode.