Services for Accommodation Owners

Need a tradesman but don’t know where to look? Our Services for Accommodation Owners section has been designed especially to ease the burden of searching through long lists in directories or wading through local papers. Time is valuable if you are an accommodation owner – there are enough chores, maintenance, paperwork and marketing to do in running a successful business, so leave the specialist jobs to the experts and contact the professional services listed below.

Our list of general services for accommodation owners include a range of carpenters & joiners, plumbers, glaciers, roofers and building services – essential tradesmen who can help with emergency situations or general maintenance on your property.

If the fuses blow, your appliances fail or the air conditioning goes on the blink, then services for accommodation owners will list electricians and electrical appliance repairers as well as specialist services to assist in a crisis.

Are you looking for help with those all important chores? Search through the services listed for cleaners, gardeners, painters & decorators to help keep your accommodation clean, tidy and presentable. We also list chimney sweeps and Corgi registered plumbers to clear your flues and check your boilers.

If the cooker is looking tired and ready for a clean, don’t go in search of Brillo pads and oven gloves, simply scroll through our Services for Accommodation Owners and you should find an Oven Blaster who can attack the grease and grime and save your valuable time!

Accommodation Owners are always upgrading, modernising, renovating and extending their properties. There are specialist tradesmen who can offer a wide range of services for these occasions including damp proofers, plasterers, tilers, and flooring services.

Near the bottom of the list alphabetically but top of the list in importance are the Security Services which allow accommodation owners to sleep soundly in their beds after a long day of toil and time spent on providing only the best for their visitors.