If you like to freestyle then there are several skateboarding parks within the Peak District for the public to enjoy. Join in with other borders, bikers and in-line skaters too – turn tricks and flips and be as daring as you wish. Peak District skateboarding is an action sport to let you ride and perform stunts to your heart’s content. It can be an extreme sport that is recreational, an art form or a job. It can also be used for transporting you from town to town.

If you’re into ramp skating then skate parks are the best way to learn from others. From riding on two wheels or spinning on just the back, high jumping over bars and landing on the board again or long jumping from one board to another, however you like your ‘ollies’ Peak District skateboarding is a great way to use up some energy.

It’s not only the teenagers you know, grown men and women shouldn’t be ashamed. Skateboarding can be learnt at any stages of your life and there are instructors out there if you want to learn the moves. There are indoor skate parks or outdoor venues, or simply riding through the town. Peak District skateboarding means to get from A to B, in an unconventional way, but lets in the rush of adrenaline you require.

If you don’t mind scrapes, cuts and bruises and as long as you wear a helmet at all times, it is quite safe to ride a skateboard once you know the tricks of the trade. Elbow pads and kneepads are not to be sniffed at – they may save you falling with egg on your face, but seriously consider using them as they protect the vulnerable parts to be exposed. It is a seriously cool extreme sport if you can master it and Peak District skateboarding will enhance your street cred no end!