Slab Climbing

We all know about how popular Peak District climbing is here at Peak District Online. The Peaks are famous for their gritstone climbing worldwide and it is arguably one of the finest types of rocks for climbing in the world. Climbers come from miles around to experience Peak District rock climbing and Peak District Slab climbing, as often as they can.

The rocks here are often no more than 15 m high but that’s certainly enough meterage to offer some of the best climbing that you will ever experience. The Peak District has everything from slabs and overhangs to cracks and steep face climbing, and Peak District bouldering is the best in the UK -we guarantee.

Peak District slab climbing is proper fun and teaches you great foot placing. The slab rock faces are angled at less than 90° or less than vertical. You need to have a good sense of your feet and how to use them and you need to be able to balance well and have the right equipment. Rock shoes take up lots of friction and when you climb slabs, the general rule is to keep your weight on your feet.

Avoid taxing your arms too much but get your legs pumping and you won’t fall off. You need to know your centre of gravity and your sense of equilibrium, and you need to keep your body as close to the gritstone as you can. Usually your hands and arms are simply used for balance rather than pulling, because it’s your feet that do all the work and keep you on the rock itself. Peak district Slab climbing is not for the fainthearted and it’s certainly not for the unfit!