The National Trust

Ilam Hall

The National Trust is a charitable organisation which is all about conserving our stunning countryside and its wildlife and flora and fauna. It’s a heroic group of people who restore our castles and historic places of interest – everyday and in all weathers. With money funded by the public in the form of donations, the National Trust helps protect these invaluable sites forever, passing on a legacy to our children and their children.

With money given by us, the public, to the National Trust Membership scheme, we are able to join a very exclusive club – a club striving to look after our moors, our dry stone walls, our endangered species. It cares for those wild places that are eroding away without intervention. It actively asks for more volunteers, those gallant people with hearts of gold who can give up their time and offer expertise on all range of subjects from bats to buildings, to see conservation in action and learn to live greener in our everyday lives.

The National Trust cares for nearly ten percent of the UK’s coastline, over 700 miles of iconic stretches of sand and sea, encompassing our lighthouses and harbours, our archaeological and disused military sites. With our land and country, the National Trust works with farmers to sustain a working environment to supply our food but also helping them to share the land with our wildlife, skilfully balancing environmental practices to conserve natural habitats. Our trees and woodlands aren’t left out and to preserve our most ancient and intriguing living things, money is always needed to keep up their intrepid and noble work.

At the lion heart of the National Trust’s work and as one of the country’s leading conservation organisations, it takes on the responsibility of protecting and maintaining nature, for the benefit of everyone. Are you a member yet?

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