Titan Cave System Peak District

The Titan Cave System near Castleon was only discovered on the 1st January 1999 and is twice the size of St Pauls Cathedral. The Titan Shaft is 464ft (141.5m) a natural shaft and the biggest in the UK to date.

Titan Cave Research

Dave Dixon spent seven years researching the Titan Cave by tunnelling, digging and exploring and revealed its size and magnitude of this wonder.

The cave itself has been created by water eroding limestome over millions of years and also contains a massive warerfall that flows deep below ground level.

Titan Cave existance has been known about since 1981 but not its size as it was not accessible and required an opening from dry land and this was found in an article from 1793 written by James Plumtree who had been exploring the mines in and around the area.

The original Titan cave entrance had been described but was currently blocekd by a rockfall.

It took three years for the team to dig through and access the Titan Cave System and completing a man made shaft to access the cave.

Titan Shaft Caving

The Titan Shaft in the Peak District is open for use by professional cavers only.