Walks around Matlock Bath

There are lots of lovely walks simply strolling around Matlock Bath or perhaps walking to Matlock from there and enjoying the wonderful gardens and attractions that Matlock has to offer too.

The path nearby of the old railroad line is known as the High Peak Trail and is open to the public for walking and horseriding alike.

A little further down the road is Cromford, and there is a very interesting walk of about 3 1/2 miles distance which can be had by starting at the main Cromford Canal car park and following the canal down for about a mile until you reach the bridge. Across the bridge is what used to be known as High Peak junction – that is the start of the High Peak Trail.

Before crossing the bridge, continue for a quarter of a mile to the Lea Wood pump station where you will see across the canal wharf and a warehouse. Return to the bridge and crossover it and there are toilet facilities available there. Follow the steep incline which is the start of the High Peak Trail and pass under a bridge, taking the A6 road to Cromford. Continue up the hill until you reach the top and you will arrive at a gate. Go through the gate, ensuring you close it again to stop livestock escaping, put your dog on a lead, and on your left you will see the sheep pasture engine house, which was first opened in 1830.

This engine house contained a stationary engine, which was built by the famous Butterley company, the company responsible for building St Pancras station in London, and was used to haul the wagons up and down the slope, 1320 yards from High Peak junction. You will also see a circular trenched platform which was used as a horizontal pulley and gearing wheel.

Continue along this path until you see a sign the Cromford on your right and prepare yourself for some spectacular views of Cromford and the Derwent Valley back towards Matlock. Look out for Willersley Castle, which was built by Richard Arkwright for his own use, but he never actually moved into it. It is now a spectacular hotel and a great place for conferences.

At the signpost, take the path through the woods which leads to a tarmac path and some cottages. Follow this path round, pass more houses until you reach an estate. Cross directly opposite into Bedehouse Lane, which will take you down into the main Wirksworth – Cromford Road. Turn right back into Cromford centre and pass North Street on your right with the Bell Inn on the corner.

If you know any other walks around Matlock Bath, then please don’t hesitate to get in contact with others and we can add to this page for others and enjoyment. As always, we really appreciate your input in building up our local communities and Peak District villages section.