Why Buy From A British Farm


1. You will be supporting your local rural economy

Agricultural businesses are key parts of the local rural economy. Its not just the farmers and farm workers who benefit from your custom but all those who benefit from a healthy agricultural sector. From those who work in food processing, to the teacher who teaches farm children at the local village school, everyone takes benefit from keeping farmers in business.

2.You will be supporting small family businesses

80% of farms are run by family businesses with modest turnovers. In Britain we have lost nearly half of these family farms in the last forty years. By supporting British farmers in the Peak District with your custom, you will be doing your bit to reverse this regrettable decline.

3.Shop local, shop British

Try shopping at a Farm Shop or a Farmers Market. This is the best way to get close to the point of production. It’s the best way to ensure the produce is fresh. You might even get to meet the farmer who grew the produce. Why not visit our Farmer’s Market guide where you will find further information about markets and farms in the Peak District selling fresh produce.

4. You will cut down on your food miles

The transportation of food clutters our roads and airways. This uses up fuel and leads to increased pollution. By sourcing your food locally in the Peak District, you can help minimise the problems food miles generate. Why not try & find a place near you to shop by visiting our Peak District Shopping Guide, which features local dairies & butchers selling home made produce.

5.You will be buying a safe, traceable product

Food from British farms is produced to very high standards of safety and wholesomeness. The process is regulated and checked from field to plate to ensure you have a meal you can enjoy and trust.


6.You will be encouraging high animal welfare standardsBritish farmers have some of the highest animal welfare standards in the world. There are more free range hens in the UK than anywhere else in Europe. UK pig farmers do not use tethers and stalls in contrast to their foreign competitors. Beef farmers do not use veal crates, beef lot systems, or hormones found abroad.

7.You will be supporting some great British traditions

From English strawberries to Scotch whisky, from Welsh lamb to Cornish clotted cream British food made from ingredients from British farms represents the best of British culture. Where would we be as a nation without out Cheddar cheese and our real ale?

8.The farmer gives you good value

Of an average basket of food costing £37 the farmer receives just £11.


9. Eat the view

By buying Peak District farm produce you are eating the view. British farmers maintain the beautiful British landscape, by keeping them in business you are helping maintain that countryside, and what a beautiful countryside it is that we have here in the Peak District.

And the tenth good reason to buy British farm produce? …oh yes, it tastes good, very, very good.