Woolley Moor

Woolley Moor is situated at the north-western end of Ogston Reservoir, a couple of miles from Clay Cross, the nearest town.

When Ogston Reservoir was built in 1958, the original Woolley Moor expanded to take in the wider community of Woolley and Badger Lane.

However, the village still has a heart, comprising a school, church and pub.   An excellent way to see the village and its outskirts is to follow the Woolley Moor Trail, beginning at the school; look for  “The Grebe” logo on posts to guide you round.  The trail will take you past old stone cottages, a farmhouse, (parts of which probably date back to the 16th Century), ancient hedgerows, and will delight you with views of the lovely Ogston Reservoir.  A nursery famous for its varieties of chrysanthemums is at the top part of the trail, close to an old toll bar cottage, and finally it will lead you to The White Horse pub on Badger Lane, which was once an old pack-horse route; a badger in this case was the name for a measure of salt.

Don’t leave the area without exploring the reservoir.  There are many activities to be enjoyed including sailing, windsurfing and fishing; indeed, it was here the famous local yatchswoman Ellen MacArthur learned her craft.  The bird-life is amazing; 200 species have been recorded here, including some rarities such as Wilson’s Phalarope, Sabine’s Gull and Long-tailed Skuas.

So, why not make a day of your visit by taking in the village trail, followed by a nature ramble around the reservoir?